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UAN in brand quality!

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The future of fertilisation

PIASAN® 28 – Right up to the edge for solid yields.

As a liquid fertiliser with a particularly favorable combination of the nitrogen forms nitrate, ammonium and urea nitrogen, PIASAN® 28 offers a range of plant cultivation and economic advantages.

PIASAN® 28 can be used in all agricultural crops. It is easy to handle and even the smallest quantities of nitrogen can be dosed precisely. Fertilisation can be made more efficient as a result of large application widths and the combined application with plant protection agents, micro nutrients and growth regulators. In addition, nitrogen uptake with PIASAN® 28 can also occur via the leaf. This makes better yields possible, particularly under dry weather conditions. PIASAN® 28 achieves yields which are at least comparable to solid fertilisers and mostly even higher.

Yield results with PIASAN® 28 in main agricultural crops

Relative yield, averages from 244 tests – LAF Cunnersdorf 1995 to 2014

Tremendous accuracy for supply of nutrients right up to the edge

Spreading errors are stress on the nerves and they cost money. They are not initially perceptible up to a magnitude of 25 % but they can lead to noticeable loss of yield. Liquid fertilisers can display their strengths when accuracy is crucial. With PIASAN® 28 it is easier to adhere to the distance requirements of the Fertilisation Ordinance. The very precise fertiliser application guarantees the full fertiliser quantity and thus yield right up to the edge. The reason for this is the small coefficient of variation for liquid fertilisation of an average of just 3.4 %.

For liquid fertilisation with nitrogen, a large proportion of the nutrients – 80 to 95 % – will be absorbed via the soil. Only 5 to 20 % of the N-uptake occurs via the leaf.

Brand quality makes the difference!

A high level of plant compatibility is only guaranteed with liquid fertilisers in brand quality. That in turn is the pre-requisite for high yields and good harvest quality. Liquid fertilisers of unknown origin and low surface tension can lead to leaf necrosis, thereby reducing the potential yield. PIASAN® 28 has a very high surface tension of 60 – 80 mN/m. The pH value of PIASAN® 28 is in the neutral range between 6 – 7. Storage life is guaranteed even at freezing temperatures – crystallisation only starts at -17 °C.

Vorteil ALZON neo-N Brand quality for optimal plant compatibility
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Fertilisation effect via soil and leaf
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Enables exact work right up to the edge, thus guaranteeing even N-supply

It depends on the drop size.

Coarse drops are the aim

The creation of coarse drops succeeds thanks to the use of anti-drift nozzles (ADN) with a low spray pressure (approx. 2 bar). A coarse drop spectrum is thus achieved.

Special liquid fertiliser- (LF) or multi-hole nozzles should preferably be used under critical conditions in order to apply the liquid fertiliser in a “rain” formation even in large quantities.

The surface tension is the decisive factor

Brand quality with high surface tension secures yields and raw protein contents

More yield due to liquid fertiliser with high surface tension; LAF Cunnersdorf: average from 14 tests with winter wheat (2004 to 2017)

The yield can be increased considerably by using the high-quality liquid fertiliser PIASAN® 28. This is a decisive criterion for liquid fertilisers with low surface tension.

A high level of surface tension ensures a high level of plant compatibility.

Fertilisation with PIASAN® 28 leads to considerably higher yields with the same raw protein content.

Principles for liquid fertiliser application.

PIASAN® 28 can be used in all agricultural crops. A few principles must be observed for the application of liquid fertilisers on cereal and rapeseed crop formations:

Vorteil ALZON neo-N Observe the crop specific recommendation for application
Vorteil ALZON neo-N No blazing sun
Vorteil ALZON neo-N No temperatures above 25 °C
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Plants must be dry
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Wax layer must be formed
Vorteil ALZON neo-N PIASAN® 28 has a very high level of plant compatibility in pure form
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Thinning liquid fertiliser with water with at least a 1:4 ratio
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Should preferably be applied in the afternoon or evening
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Problem free application from shortly before sowing until three days afterwards
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Additional application possible after reaching the 3-leaf stage

Application during frost:
Vorteil ALZON neo-N The stock must be dry or covered with frost
Vorteil ALZON neo-N No application during freeze/thaw cycles

The nozzle selection is decisive

PIASAN® 28 can be applied evenly, with precise dosage and right up to the edge with customary plant protection technology. All nozzles are well suited for the start of spring growth or at sowing. The following applies for fertilisation in crop formations: The drops should be proportionately greater for more sensitive plants and the spray pressure lower. The choice of nozzle can have a decisive effect on the plant compatibility. We recommend anti-drift or multi-hole nozzles from the second application in cereals or oilseed rape.

The use of drag hoses or pipes is recommended for later application and generally following ear emergence, for unfavorable weather conditions or in sensitive cultures. The choice of nozzle must ensure the effectiveness of the combination partners for the combined use of PIASAN® 28, with plant protection agents in particular. Anti-drift nozzles will preferably be considered here while taking heed of legal requirements.

PIASAN® 28 – solid basis – in brand quality.

With PIASAN® 28 you are making use of the advantages of liquid fertilisation in brand quality. In addition to optimal product characteristics, the selection of the correct application technique in different fertilisation periods must also be given sufficient attention. The following fertilisation recommendation is based on the results of our applied research and practical experience.

You should adapt these to the local conditions and the plant requirement established in line with the Fertilisation Ordinance. If you have any questions concerning the appropriate use of PIASAN® 28 you can contact our specialist advisers at any time or consult

PIASAN® 28: Recommendation for application for rapeseed, winter crops, summer grain, brewing barley, maize, potato, sugar beet, grassland and vegetables

PIASAN® 28 product characteristics


Fertiliser type
Urea ammonium nitrate solution 28
28 % N total nitrogen
    14 % N ureic nitrogen
    7 % N nitrate nitrogen
    7 % N ammonium nitrogen

Characteristic values
Density (at 20 °C) 1.28 g /cm³
pH value 6 – 7
Start of crystallisation -17 °C
Biuret content max. 0.5 %
Colour colorless
Dynamic viscosity (at 20 °C) 3.62 mPas



PIASAN® 28 Brochure for download as PDF | 2.279kB